Finding Joy

There is good in everyday, in every moment. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the good when you are exposed to what feels so bad. Some days you have to look really, really, really hard to find the beauty, but it is there. I promise you, it is there. Sometimes the biggest and hardest thing that we must do is step out of our own world and get a view of someone else’s world. If you are able to do this, you will see that your world is not as bad as you thought.

When I was struggling a few years ago, my mother gave me a gym membership for Christmas. She said that I needed more social time. This present changed my life. I started doing the classes. Zumba, yoga, line dance and Tai Chi and not only did I feel better in those moments as I was participating in these classes but I met some unbelievable people.

There are numerous opportunities to get out and be surrounded by people if that does not work, just get outside and feel the wind blowing, sun shining, it will be beautiful!!!

About Joy