2017 What was so great???

Books of course…. I wanted to share with you a short list of my 2017 must reads

This will be short and sweet but I highly recommend these. All of these books are filled with motivation mainly because I have needed more motivation this year than I ever have in the past. So here you go!!! My top five books to get you moving in the direction you want to go. Start living the life you want to live and becoming the person you were meant to be

5.  Big Magic

This woman is amazing and I think this book is way better than eat, pray, love but it all depends on what you are looking for and this book came to me right on time. I love the way she talks about her art, writing, I love how it is something that she is so passionate about and she gives you encouragement and excitement. I enjoyed this book so much it is on my list to read again. 

4. My Southern Journey: True Stories from the Heart of the South

I normally would never have picked this book but it had great reviews so I said, what the heck. So this book is about the south. I’m from the south and so this is why I would have never picked it but what he says is true and he says it in a manner that made me proud to be a southerner.  Some of the things he writes about I have disliked in the past but his humor and good feelings toward some of the same southern problems and misfortunes that I have felt, he has too. I’m not the only odd ball southerner that does not really fit in but tries to just to save family and whatever else there is to save. 

3. Happiness Equation

There were a few mind blowing statements in this book but I will not tell you what they are. You will have to read it but I will say they are life changing… Read the book 🙂

2. You can You will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner

If anyone knows how to get you motivated it is Joel. He is so powerful in his writing and motivation. It is truly worth your time to dive into any of his books. I think this is one of three that I read of his this year. I love the way he backs what he says with scripture. I love the way he tells us how important we are and how much we are loved by God. It is so easy to forget who we belong to and Joel just tells it like it is and I like that. 

1. Resilience

 This book is absolutely phenomenal!!
 I would say that this is the best book that I’ve read all year, 2017. Hence #1
I have gone through it twice, and still want more. There is so much wisdom in this book and it is written from a friend, to a friend. So it is for anyone who needs to feel that close hand, that hug through words. Yes that warm and fuzzy feeling. This is the book for you!!!
I love the way Eric presents these letters to his friend. I love his ideas, his morals, his values. 
He gives a gentle nudge to get back on your feet. To become resilient. Sometimes in life we are thrown a punch that knocks that right out of us.
His letters are very encouraging, and the stories very entertaining. If this is the only book you pick up in 2018, it will be worth it. 


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