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So sweet


‪Squeezing so hard‬
‪Trying to let go but it feels unlikely ‬
‪An initiative to start over, to begin again ‬
‪Playing the right card‬
‪Unknown to see‬
‪The nectar is sweet like an unexpected kiss. ‬
‪Time has moved on‬
‪And that I do miss. ‬

‪The nectar is sweet ‬
‪Honey from the bee‬
‪She rises and falls‬
‪No reason for me‬
‪A thought, a time‬
‪An initiative so true‬
‪Everything that has happened ‬
‪Has so been in blue‬
‪Purple and green every shade, every hue‬
‪The colors of love‬
‪Wrapped all around you.‬

Much Love ❤️ Much Life

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