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4 Ways to Overcome


When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about three years ago I struggled mentally, emotionally and physically. I went from being a nonstop person to a wait up on me person. I felt like I lost 20 or 30 years of my life and I still feel that way when I am around healthy 40 something people. I still call out to God wondering “why me Lord, why me?”

God has this wonderful way of turning our weaknesses into beautiful things! Since the slow down, I have changed my life tremendously because there was no other choice but there is beauty. What happened after the big grief of the matter was I stopped: being a multi tasker, people pleaser and I am slowly but surely giving up my role as doormat. I discovered “family” is not blood, they are just the people you start your life with, not necessarily who you “do” life with. There has been more time in my life, more time to spend with people who really love me instead of manipulators, more time to figure out who I am and how I want to pursue this life. These past three years have been hard and I know there will be more difficulties ahead but I am trusting in Him and so far He has placed me in some pretty beautiful situations.

These are the keys to overcoming our weaknesses:

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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