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New Beginnings

Understanding 365:34

What a wonderful week of discovery! Taking time out for yourself is so important! Even if it is just extra time here and there, which is usually how my time out goes. As I’m sure most people are in the constant rush, we often neglect “me time”.

I have been really looking at the non-attachment in myself and things are becoming so much clearer and understandable. I have made some super hard choices this week that have left me emotionally drained and scared. This was before actually making the decisions. When the decision is on the table, ready to be made and you are unsure of what is going to happen…. that is the scary part, at least for me. Hindsight, after the decision was made and actually, immediately after the words trickled out of my mouth, those feelings of fear simply disappeared.

I’m not sure what happened to the fear but I am pretty sure that when I stated my truth, making it clear of what I needed out of the situation, I was able to find peace.

I am going into another situation today, where I have to do the same thing, but I feel much more confident than Monday. I am hoping round two is just as successful!

Here’s to small wins and large beginnings!

Author: Joy

I am Joy I am content I am patient I am love I am free, fabulous and fit. I am all these things and so much more. I am struggle I am hopelessness I am sad I am endurance I am a warrior I am a princess I am my Father's daughter I am a survivor of loss of hurt of pain. I am encouragement I am influence I am Joy.

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