A New Day

Today, I rejoice for my life and what has been. The paths on this journey, the beautiful skies and green grass that has surrounded me. The lessons I have learned and for those that I am still trying to figure out. The path will not end here. Will not end the journey because I see that the strength I have had over the last year, the endurance to keep moving and not give up, the resilience to make the most of what has happened and what will happen in tomorrow and the ability not to focus to much on yesterday and tomorrow. The willingness to stay present in this moment that we have today and be thankful for now it has passed.

An inveigling presentation of the rarest situation

Planted and scattered the seeds all around

Some will harvest others never to be found

Rotting slowly on common ground

An alluring temptation was never there

Lost beyond a bright and golden stare

Deception plays a bigger part

Humiliating minds and breaking hearts

Awake from this Dream Dear

Did you hear that awful sound?

There is freedom behind the held and bound

Safe & Secure without a doubt

No more chaos, the scream and shout


Words will not bind or tear me apart

Someday someone will pour into

This hole in my heart

Love and kindness sweet secure

Not just words to entice and allure

Strength & divine power to endure


Much Love Much Life

Author: Joy

I am Joy I am content I am patient I am love I am free, fabulous and fit. I am all these things and so much more. I am struggle I am hopelessness I am sad I am endurance I am a warrior I am a princess I am my Father's daughter I am a survivor of loss of hurt of pain. I am encouragement I am influence I am Joy.

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