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After Christmas

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I have to admit I am so happy this holiday is over. My roommate was super sweet to have me over to his family dinner for Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day was very hard. I stayed on the sofa, eating leftovers and watching weird, bad tv or more so just starring at the screen, I cannot even remember what was on. During this time of zoning out, I did discover that:

1. I have to get my own place. This whole living situation is not working and it has not worked in a while. It is harming one of the best friendships I have ever had. Plus, we had one of the worst arrangements Christmas Eve that we have ever had. We need our space.

2. Yet, another known but unknown discovery. I cannot let people take me for granted. This has become a constant thing with a couple of people in my life and I have grown tired of this. I am so tired of having expectations of someone to be like they once were.

Things happen, that make us either change or show true colors. Whatever the case may be I do not have the energy to feel unappreciated or hurt. So this is the beginning of my new year’s resolution. More to come I’m sure! Plus, I think I really want to do a vision board this year. Not committing to that 100% but maybe.

Author: Joy

I am Joy I am content I am patient I am love I am free, fabulous and fit. I am all these things and so much more. I am struggle I am hopelessness I am sad I am endurance I am a warrior I am a princess I am my Father's daughter I am a survivor of loss of hurt of pain. I am encouragement I am influence I am Joy.

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