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Awake at 3 am


There is no prompt today, like yesterday and the day before. Just the flow of words, streaming from my fingers, my thoughts are not still. Not this morning, they begin, staring into beauty, way to early for the beauty I see. Turn in circles, half… wait… half… wait… again. No fences for miles, not one that I can see, but the words in my mind repeated steadily.

“Don’t fence me in” Give me land lots of land under starry skies above.. oh the removal of fences… the looking out for miles with nothing but land, beaches, sand, ocean waters!

Change, back to the real person you once always were? Love always fills the heart of man, or spite. A choice made by all, exposed by few.

Back to bed, to sleep and slumber. Magic time I often wonder… what are you doing at 3 am?

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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