Category: Broken Open to Shine

In the mist of heartache, finding the strength, tears, energy to just move on. Sometimes the only reason to get up in the morning is to write a poem… sometimes that is enough.


The Heart Of A Hero

The Heart of a Hero

Years of stumbling, falling down Failure depleted on dirty ground Longing, needing a better way A place of safety, to feel okay The nights are long, strangers lurk Walls are thin, if at all and hunger hurts Hopeless thoughts invade the mind Words of which were so unkind Parade around, could they be true? Sadness …


Ragged Mistakes

Torn and tatteredRipped into shredsMountains so steepvalleys of deadCracks in walkwayspartings of sandLeading to something calledNever never landAway and beyond from the shelter of shadeInto the hottest humid of daysBurning and blisteringScorching intenseRagged mistakesComing off of the fenceDrifting away, away from all madnessfloating into the seas of depth breaking sadnessBreaking and bending as truth to …


Healing Of Nature

Open your eyes my love, my friend Somethings are eternal and will never end Across the way, beyond this land Past the magnificent golden sand Where rivers run, trickling down Natures orchestra, romantic sound Hidden safely in the evergreens A paradise simply pure and clean A journey into an emerald mist Found perfection, a midnight …



This Life As an ocean emerald aqua marine Brushing up on sandy beaches serene Waters that wave bubble and steam Housing the creatures in a peaceful daydream Lying in cozy warmth Shining down For miles and miles there is Happiness unbound This life as an ocean Calms lost regrets Inspires anticipations Of days that have …