The only way to heal is to write something…

Days of December

I remember the laughter of youth from long ago Wrapped in the arms of family friends and beau I sit…

3 months ago

The Heart Of A Hero

Years of stumbling, falling down Failure depleted on dirty ground Longing, needing a better way A place of safety, to…

6 months ago

Into the Myth

The days were stretched extended to last, long into the morrow beyond green eye clasp Lovely, so lovely was the…

8 months ago

Ragged Mistakes

Torn and tatteredRipped into shredsMountains so steepvalleys of deadCracks in walkwayspartings of sandLeading to something calledNever never landAway and beyond…

9 months ago

Healing Of Nature

Open your eyes my love, my friend Somethings are eternal and will never end Across the way, beyond this land…

9 months ago

This Light

This Light Of the Ocean, Emerald Aqua Marine Shining so bright, calming indeed Opening eyes, to what does and does…

11 months ago

This Calm

This Calm Of the Ocean, Emerald Aqua Marine After the madness, darkening means Softening silence pure red, blue, green Shaded…

11 months ago

This Storm – Layers

This Storm Of the Ocean, Emerald Aqua Marine Coming from darkness Moving in dreams Bright brilliant flashes Color the sky…

11 months ago

There is Nothing

There are somethings that have no beginnings and can never end. The constant consistent crawling connection of eternal, infinite in…

11 months ago

Layers of the Ocean

Day four of seven

11 months ago

Layers of the Ocean 3

Day 3 of the 7 day tale

11 months ago

Layers of the Ocean

This time In the ocean, emerald aqua marine Swimming & Swirling Playful inseams Floating across still waters Of the moment,…

11 months ago


This Life As an ocean emerald aqua marine Brushing up on sandy beaches serene Waters that wave bubble and steam…

11 months ago


There is Beauty In life In pain In heartbreak There is breath In lungs In belly In life There are…

11 months ago

Torn Between

A glisten, a sparkle on mountain tops The flow of water and pure rain drops The smell of spring flowing…

1 year ago