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Cleaning the Spirit


‪On the edge of uncertainty ‬
‪On the realm of unclear‬
‪Thoughts of memories ‬
‪Having you near‬
‪A moment in time‬
‪A blanket of fear‬
‪Remember the days‬
‪By the ocean so near‬

‪My heart is open‬
‪My mind is free‬
‪Sitting on the edge ‬
‪Close to thee‬
‪Waves come crashing ‬
‪One by one‬
‪Basking in the heat ‬
‪Underneath the sun‬
‪My love, my heart, my life is in motion ‬
‪Everyday with you my bright blue ocean.‬

‪ Much Love 💜 Much Life

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