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Discovery of My Truth


A lovely morning the birds are singing I reminisce on love and being, a candle burning at both ends, rendered so pure, the vulnerable lenses. To view our truth and then be still, to love and hope and to have free will.

Together, we were for such a short time but soon you will never cross my mind. I will miss the good times we had, I have tried so hard to forget the bad. With these thoughts have come truth, the passiveness of being uncouth, the things that have robbed my youth….

Trying to please all others and never myself

Feeling lost and abandoned nothing else left

Picking friends and relationships because I am needed

Not because I wanted or enjoyed all the pleadings

A girl all alone with no satisfaction

No confidence or love of oneself, a bitter reaction

A reflection of what I had been seeking

A life all alone permanently reeking.

So I look back and now I know, change has to come and some have to go. I deserve better than this life I have settled.

A life filled with love, happiness and bliss. A life of me living my authentic self.

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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