Chatoyant Bliss

Capturing My Bliss

Capturing my Bliss is about observing the beauty that the world has and capturing it forever.  Oh, how I love taking pictures of beautiful things! Here will be my collection, somewhat small but still a collection.

Do enjoy!

Jacksonville, Florida

A moment just to fall in love…to find understanding of ones self, a moment to run wild and run away… A moment to really feel whatever is needed to feel: passion, fear, home, a companion. A moment that I will always remember and cherish.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Arts District – Chattanooga

Fall Creek Falls

Vessels of Ruth

September Loves

The Church

The Steps

From the Bench


This would be what I would choose if I were going to buy a new camera. It is pretty much what I have now but more updated… I have be extremely happy with my Canon Rebel! It still works like a dream and it is several years old! I have just recently started using the other lens and that is awesome!!

This is an affiliate link so if you choose to buy from here, we will receive a small percentage of the sell. Thank you and please enjoy my images!

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