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Chattanooga, Tennessee

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”… wait yes, that’s really the best way to describe it. We all know this is not that story, we all know, that story, and we all know the current story. It is March 23rd, 2020. What was supposed to be the greatest year of our lives. Most of the people I know said that beyond a shadow of a doubt 2019 was one hell of a year. We all had hoped that 2020 would bring wonderful events, wonderful opportunities and new hope. Then something happened beyond all control, CoVid 19. Never have I seen anything remotely like this. People cannot even join together, we have to stay apart to fight this one. Union has been lost and the social media world is taking over. That is all we have right now and it is not even that bad. Here, we can still go to the grocery stores, as of today. We can still go out for walks and take pictures and that is what I have done. These pictures were taken on March 21, 2020. I have had plenty of time on my hands so they were edited and going on display here in this social media blog. If you happen to stop by and visit, I hope you enjoy.

Pictures below, you will find:

Lookout Mountain – Point Park

Prentice Cooper State Forest – Snooper’s Rock

Walnut Street Bridge

Rainbow Lake Trail May 29, 2020

Around Signal Mountain November 2020

March 29, 2020

The days are running together. It is hard to keep straight what day it really is without looking at my phone and then I question whether it really is Sunday… There is not church service to attend no yoga to teach. Just make videos, edit them, take pictures, edit them, eat, do yoga, watch a movie and back to it. I have started having the tv on at night. For some reason it gives me comfort which is strange because I hate noise, but I do not feel quite so allow with it on. It is hard to sleep, it is hard to go outside of doors, it’s hard to do this life. I wish I could get back on my schedule but it is nearly impossible here but it does not make sense to do that now, I am more rested than I have been in years. I am so thankful that I had not taken a vacation earlier this year. I am thankful that I am a saver, I am thankful that I have a place to sleep that is safe.
The Bluff View pictures were taken on Friday, March 27, 2020 and the Fall Creek Falls pictures on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Luckily I wrote that down in my planner, which has turned more into a journal of what I have done. Planning at this time is impossible. The weather determines whether or not we venture out and also if either of us has any strange fatigue.

Bluff View Art District

This is my favorite thing about Chattanooga so far. Even though we have not visited any restaurants or shops, it feels good there. It is inspirational and beautiful, I hope to go back tomorrow for my exploration.

Falls Creek Falls

A brand new adventure in store, a drive through the hills and valleys of East Tennessee. Fresh air, bright blue skies, windows down, radio up. What will we discover today? View from a far, bird’s flying by, water rushing down, no end in sight.

Downtown Chattanooga

Rainbow Lake Trail

This trail has almost been a daily thing for me. I love it so much! It has taught me so much about life…

  1. Stay on your path, don’t get distracted by pretty things
  2. Know how far your water will take you.
  3. Always talk to strangers, they are knowledgeable and interesting and need a break just as much as you.
  4. Never enter if you have only a set amount of time, the beauty will come over you and time will mean nothing.
  5. There is no destination, there is only right now.

Rainbow Trail & Beyond

August 13, 2020

A perfect place for healing, growing. There is something about these mountains that somehow makes everything okay. Even when your world is falling apart. I have to go back there soon. Alone, truly alone, and that will be hard because these trails mark so many good conversations, in the beginning, in the midst of chaos, now finally, in the end. The part where I will let go completely of love… but will gain so much.

Enjoying the Fall 2020

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