Jacksonville, Florida

June 30, 2020

My best friend has always said, “the bigger the risk, the better the reward.” I’m sure he is not the first one to say that but he says it often and it is usually in reference to money but I digress. My risk, big risk, largest one I do believe I have ever taken was to come down to Florida during the pandemic. Completely 93.9% sure that true love would be there waiting for me. A man that I had met nine years prior, thought about often and before I even spoke the words, he said them to me. Is it possible to meet someone and know them so purely, so organically or could it be that we both have grown tired of being apart from the one person that could bring the biggest magic into our lives? To love someone so much initially that there could be no doubt that you have to be close to them. Crazy, I am sure but in this moment, three weeks in, there has been small fears, small overwhelming fear… Twice but this is surely normal. I see his face and those fears fade so fast. He grabs my hand and I float above the earth. He kisses my cheek and I melt. We talk about future, no room for the past, we dream of ventures, plan our path daily. We love…

On the Boat