Simple life is yet unseen, only in the shortest of dreams. There was a time when it all did matter but in these days, there is nothing but shaders; of glass, of pine, of dreams to come. Am I being quixotic under the rising sun? Surely one can make a living and still have fun. Everyone is in search of something to do. To change the life, to try, to battle. To stay the same and feel more than frazzled. The question is and has always been, what does it take in order to win? To rise above the negative talk? Gain confidence in oneself and being that walk. Moving up mountains that seem to never end but someday, one day, the view will be amazing, the unrealistic idealists, will stand together, the ones with endurance, must do, must seek. Always climbing, always moving, looking for a better way.

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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