Flame is Dying Slowly


I cry out for what we had

In the bitter months feeling so sad

I see your loss, your pain

I feel it too, like pouring rain

Watching the candle burn last July with black cherries

Remembering the time when we were so merry

Catastrophe struck us like a burning flame

Beating us down, now there is nothing to gain

A memory is now dying down

The beat that was is just now a pound

Winter came to freeze our hearts

Knowing we are better left apart

Much Love Much Life

Author: Joy

I am Joy I am content I am patient I am love I am free, fabulous and fit. I am all these things and so much more. I am struggle I am hopelessness I am sad I am endurance I am a warrior I am a princess I am my Father's daughter I am a survivor of loss of hurt of pain. I am encouragement I am influence I am Joy.

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