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Getting To The Good


He does not love me, it is ok…. he does make me better or sometimes worse. He woke me up and you know where I was, you know how sad, you know the curse.

How you worried about me so, I am alright. I needed this low, this shift, this change, this fight and it is okay if I save this battle for another day. In the time of the wake up call, I found life, I found God, I found it all.

Please do not think, I do not care but his heart and mine, we cannot dare. I love him if only it is because we share, a mirror of someone who is always there. He is me and I am him, this is deep and darkness instilled within.

The last heart goes out tomorrow and my life will not change and not be filled with sorrow or blame. I have done what I said I would do, I have learned to love, endlessly true, with nothing returned and nothing gained. This process was healing, hopeful of truth, my heart, once battered was successfully renewed. I needed forgiveness and that I received. Anything greater is not to be expected, all is good in my world, at least from this perspective.

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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