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Foundation 365: D 15

Happy Yoga Sutra Friday!

1.14 Sa Tu Dirgha-Kala-Nairantarya-Satkarasevito-Drdha-Bhumih

sa that
tu verily, definitely
dīrgha long
kāla time
nairantarya continuously, without any interruption
satkāra respect
āsevita fully attended, completely served
dṛḍha firm, strong, unshakeable bhūmiḥ ground

Practicing with a sincere devotion will find you grounded in truth, grounded in your values, grounded in your goals. Having the ability to be focused in these things; truth, values and goals will lead to a strong foundation that will eventually become unshakable.

In this sutra I believe Patanjali is describing a more seasoned yogi. One that has practiced diligently, not rushing but evaluating the process. A process that allows taking the teachings into everyday life, and also bringing it back to the teachings. Almost like an aha moment.

The practice itself should be considered a habit, (long time). It must be focused, uninterrupted. It must be filled with love.

This is not only true with yoga but it’s true with anything to want to accomplish in your life. You have to do the work, focused work, for a long time and if you do not love it, you may experience burnout or quit.

So do try new things that match your truth, values and goals. Begin to evaluate the process, do not think that practice means perfect or compare yourself to others. Allow yourself to be the beautiful human you are, Acceptance is a fantastic word.

Much Love

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