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As with everyone, we have all had the opportunity lately to catch up on Netflix and I have made my way through Northern Rescue (first and only season) and Hart of Dixie. I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with Hart of Dixie. I wrapped it up two days ago and those characters are still with me. It made me want to pack up and look for a small town, that is just as delightful as this one called Bluebell.

I, coming from a small town, and knowing this is purely fantasy fiction, know that there is no place on earth like this, but deep down I wish there was. A place where there is a happily ever after: the worst enemy becomes the best friend eventually, where there are events all the time and everyone in town joins in, where everyone comes together when someone is down and out. The way that there was never any racial comments or hatred of that sort. The way that all the characters are still so concerned about how their parents are going to react to their new, big decisions, hiding, lying, jumping through hoops to try to keep the parents happy. The way that everyone is in love with someone at all times which usually involves a scheme or two.

Even though there was a lot of scheming going on, a lot, and there is always that person, in a small town, in life, that tries to manipulate everyone and everything in order to get what they want and having no concern for anyone else involved or how it will affect them, the result never ended with anything more than a heartfelt apology and everyone moved on. Of course the damage was never soul wrenching either. Thank goodness!

Moving on: being able to forgive others for what they have done and move past it and still be friendly to them. Unfortunately this is not always the case in real life. Sometimes the manipulative person takes things way to far, way to many times and this wonderful happy ending is just not possible and we have to walk away. It is very important to recognize and accept the lemons for what they are and the sooner one can do this the easier life will be for all.

So there was many valuable lessons in this show and many moments of tears and laughter. The greatest idea that this show brought to me is that no matter how big or small your town is, it is the importance of community that makes our life grand. The people we choose to be in our circle, the ones we stay in contact with throughout life. These are the people that make life worth living, that make our days better and sometimes worse. No matter how far apart they live or how close, they are available to live, to share, to learn, to teach to grow together. They are special and this is real community, real connection. I’m so thankful for my community πŸ’œ It is crazy that I had to move to one of the largest cities in the south to find my community and to also rediscover part of my old community. I am thankful for diversity, for a place that consists of suburbs of safety and loops of laughter. For social media that continues to connect me with people that I may never see again but delight in a post or a message. I am even thankful today, for that small town, where my roots started but were unfortunately unable to flourish and this Hart of Dixie show that allowed me to remember what small town was like and how valuable community is to our hearts.

Much Love πŸ’œ Much Life

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