Into the Myth

The days were stretched extended to last, long into the morrow beyond green eye clasp

Lovely, so lovely was the ocean of the bay, seas into flowing a long journeys day

Haze over the water, stillness of waves, curling and crashing, stretched over the maze…

Foam, left behind as a new day begins, laughter and echo, betrayed, my old friend

Waves to return running over my toes between shadows and stars, nowhere to go.

Nowhere to stay, no one to leave, no soul unended, no human that bleeds

Strolling and roaming into the deep darkness of night only the feathers sway into flight

Drifting so lovely, dancing on air, sailing the winds, no needs no cares

There is a sound, is anybody there?

A grand exquisite creature, appeared from nowhere…

Slow in movement, perhaps father time, from the eyes of a child, not yours, not mine

Nudging my hand, pressing my heart, a blue tortoise spoke leaving his mark

Eyes that drip warm tears deep inside, leaving behind the ego and pride

Come with me child to the waves and the water, you are the one, my empress daughter

Shame and a shock flew over my face, no way to run or hide from embrace

Captured and carried into the sea, my legs became petals, swimming by me

The beautiful tortoise, a beautiful dance, circles around as if in a trance

Nudging me deeper, to the bottom of the ocean, filled with laughter and praise, quiet the commotion

Coming home from the wilderness and knowing all that I’ve missed, a touch of the heavens in the mountains of wish

A contentment so deep, down in my bones, happiness flows in colors and tones

As the sun rises, shines in the water, the air becomes thick, and I cannot breathe

Gasping a struggle, mesmerizing promises, there are no bushes, or birds in the trees

Floating in tides, away, come to me, there is no tortoise shaded of blue no empress daughter, not me, not you

Thunder in distance, lightening to crash, exhaustion sets in, and I tumble so fast

Into the sands, I have been spit out, of the glorious mouth never knowing of drought

Never knowing the stillness or silence that comes from within

Only having and loving beautiful deep-sea good friends

Back on the sand, both wet and dry land, a foreboding moment, hearing the storm to set in

Slowly the trickle of rain, coming down, as pins and the needles press into ground, skin

Pain of loneliness, sadness embraces once again, memories vanish no soul or face

no father, no kin, only shadows in the wind, blows across, blowing the sand

into my eyes, into my mind left,  gone far far away, into the night, into the land

Vanishing slowing, once more, again, sleep finds me or am I awake or has death just found me the  last to take

I feel like floating into the clouds above all beings, oceans of crowds

My heart feels full, gratitude and bliss, beyond the sadness and loneliness

Watching the feathers glide through the air turning around breaking my stare

Pillows of softness smooth past my face I feel much love from the entire place

Is it fortitude of survival intense or does events just happen, with will or chance?

Is there a guide to take me back home or is my life spent to roam seas alone?

No one to ask no signs to unmask, only in this moment, our permanent task

Is anything true or real of experience? Or is it perception that means second tense?

Questions unanswered as I float on my cloud, drop from the heavens into mountains of Tao

Breath knocked right out of my chest; it has come time to sleep to rest

Not knowing myself, tortoise’s daughter, human by chance, maybe a fairy with long second glance

Tomorrow I will remember, tomorrow I’ll know, in which life is now, only present tense will show.

Breathing you in deep, a lost reminisce, powerful pain of yesterdays, hence, try as I may to wander a world, dawn comes to early, the chirping of birds.

Much Love Much Life

C. R. Stand

Author: Joy

I am Joy I am content I am patient I am love I am free, fabulous and fit. I am all these things and so much more. I am struggle I am hopelessness I am sad I am endurance I am a warrior I am a princess I am my Father's daughter I am a survivor of loss of hurt of pain. I am encouragement I am influence I am Joy.

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