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Leading away


To know the truth exactly so
To have a heart and not run fro
To be so sure of what’s to come
To understand where you’re coming from
Impossible to do these things when dealing with a barmecide

Time to find out what has been going on Time for mercy a gentle song. People do the best they can. Sometimes they wrong a supposed friend A voice to lead and guide the way Time has come to make a choice without the help of the said voice. Time has come to stand up tall and be finished with all the late night brawl. The drama, chaos, insane chatter about issues that do not matter. Time to see inside myself and find the things placed on the shelf. To see the value and the dreams The things that have been pushed down deep The things I really want and need Like peace inside and a calming lead. A gentle life all on my own. My direction, in my tone, a voice that whispers the need for lone…

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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