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My Life of Lack


Summer beauty

Setting sun

Days that end

When All is done

I rise each morning

Ahead Of dawn

To be still & quiet

Before my run

Breakfast & coffee

Fuel to keep going

Amalgamate with

Desire and knowing

Freedom comes with a cost

Sacrifice, endurance,

disappointments and loss

Empires can be built

To palatial status

Lest flowers still wilt

Without the proper apparatus

Days that seem as if

we are all chasing dragons

The skies turn grim and

the world just blackens

wondering thoughts

of if anybody cares

deepening dark

are the dragons

still there?

With nothing to chase

Surrounded by solitude

Hopeless encounters

Despite this mood

There is a dream

Of freedom alas

The sun has now set

And the moons rising fast.

Much Love Much Life

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