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Order of Our Lives


‪The numbers 1,2,3, ‬
‪Significance oh please do see‬
‪The order of what is happening ‬
‪Came rushing like a swarm of bees ‬
‪Sitting up on the balcony 3,2,1 ‬
‪Importance of order and fun‬
‪In this moment There is none ‬
‪Cause for a reason to run.‬

‪The story, the song, coming to an end‬
‪The problem is it never quite began‬
‪The trials and errors for which I speak ‬
‪Foolish love never came to peak‬
‪A doubt of peace is sometimes shattered, there is no number, care or matter‬

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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