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Reason for Nothing


‪No question ‬
‪Not wondering ‬
‪Just allowing the thrill ‬
‪No skeptics answer ‬
‪Not pondering your will‬
‪A life to be or yet to come‬
‪A reason for living under the sun‬
‪Happiness is found for me I am free ‬
‪Let me go my dear friend, peacefully. ‬

He had captured my heart ‬
‪Many years ago‬
‪Unknown spirit‬
‪Uncertain show‬
‪Painting such beauty ‬
‪Outside of lines‬
‪All in faith‬
‪Undisturbered times‬
‪No longer timid ‬
‪No need to be shy ‬
‪He is the reason ‬
‪The wind, the why‬
‪The answer, I am happy‬
‪No need to cry, anymore for loss or whelm. Our life is of colors, bright and brilliant hues


Much Love 💜 Much Life

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