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Remission Love


I do not understand the remission of love

It happened and this is something I am sure of

He suffused my heart with beautiful bliss

Dreamers and lovers until the last kiss

Then one day, he could not be found my heart left in crumbles all over the ground

Months passed by so sad and alone

Then a beacon of hope that came down from above

The truth came alive and was clearly made known

Like a star shining bright, the remission of love from some suspicious fellow

An example of all of my Bellows

He showed me of who I once was, who i am now, lost without love, digging deeply to find, love for myself

Something that was missing, placed high on the shelf.

To love oneself, is the highest of honor, an object that we should definitely pounder.

Without such love, we have no respect

No care or desire, a permanent wreak.

Now that it’s known and now I must work on recovering the passion of healing the hurt.

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