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Hope for the Best

98 January starts with an earnest day Warmth of the sun, rain and fog all away I am verklempt with heartfelt change The start of a new day, moment and twang Aspirations unknown, a constant remain Fresh beginning a perfect new start If only it accounted for my dear heart It could be a year …


Delinquent Dreams

96 Delinquent Dreams Your poetess speaks tonight As you lie all snug and tight Drifting into a sweet surrender A dream to come that you shall remember You, a villain, a masked imposter A man who claimed love but lost her Corruption is what you embraced Tears now trickle down your face A snowball fight …


The Next Day

95 A successful year is one of past We have made it so lift your glass Resolutions come and they will go No shame to have, stay with the flow Aspire to make the most today Leave the past far away Keep your feet from being cold Dream of oceans as we grow old Wings …