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The Unbroken


More of him

She is impossible. She does not want to hold my hand. She is not into me at all. I am so discouraged…. I have to have her beside me, I have to have her as mine. She fell tonight. I stumbled on the whole thing but she has a beautiful way of receiving. I wanted to kiss her new found brushes and scrapes, her forehead, was where I landed. She’s so remarkable and I have a feeling she likes me at least a little bit. She sat with me, I smell her ocean breeze and I am at home. I am just where I want to be, on this swing, making conversation, trying to kiss her lips. It’s the 13th, Friday, I cannot help but be hopeful and disappointed. I love her. I love her! I am not thinking of anything else but her. I walk her to her car and bid her goodnight. I’m at a lose.

She leaves just before midnight, Why, I’m unsure, I know she is the one, I know she is mine.

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