The Unknown

I’m very tired and I feel as though I have said, wrote and thought these three words way to much in the last few years, but I am very tired. There are numerous things on my list that contributes to this tiredness, but probably the number one thing would be unknown. The unknown feverish rash that keeps appearing on my neck, arms, chest and even above my right eye causing me to look like I have participated in some knockdown drag out fight. Here my friends, is a prime example of being uncomfortable. This is not only uncomfortable but it is simply unbearable, excruciating and agonizing.

So I started the whole going to the doctor thing last week and today had an appointment with a dermatologist. She gave me a topical ointment to apply and said that I was not to apply any lotions or oils, change my detergent, soap, shampoo etc. The only safe thing I can apply to my skin is Vaseline, the unscented kind that actually has a scent of bad wax.

I guess what scares me the most of this whole experience is that she actually asked me about lupus. After going to the rheumatologist, he reported that I could only have chronic fatigue syndrome. (November 2017) I have grown comfortable being a fellow chronic fatigue syndrome person. I have learned how to rest when I need to, take my activities at my own level and decrease my stress level as much as possible and here I’m thrown the possible lupus card again.

So now I’m really wishing that I would’ve really stuck to the whole Paleo diet, but I did not. So this is my current situation of unknown. I am not sure if any of this is related but I’m going to keep looking for answers, keep telling people about my situation and continue the research & development of a broken woman. I’ve had several suggestions about doing a liver cleanse, learning more about pressure points and the skin.

If anyone who happens to read this has any suggestions, I would love to hear it!

In the meantime, my heart is filled, my hopes are high and my intention is good health!