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Time Passing

Understanding 365:D44

Today, is an example of not wanting to deal. I would love to go back to bed. I have paced the floor. My chest feels tight, my head is pounding softly.

I have an event at 10, I would love to skip it but I cannot. 36 minutes of waiting. This week seems long as these minutes that I am counting. Tuesday was such a wonderful day but it feels like it was last week. Wednesday, I discovered my heart again and Thursday fear jumped in to put the speeding brakes on. Roller coaster week for sure. I need a yoga class, seriously. 29 minutes. I can leave and drive by a new listing that hit the market yesterday. That’s really what I want to do. I really just want to get out of here.

The Pen just walked by. Slow and on purpose with every step, like a lion looking for his prey. His focus is intense. They are beautiful creatures, cats.

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