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Trying to hear Gods word and detach from codependency is very hard.


Morning devotional:

The Bible teaches that God chooses the exact places where we live (Acts 17:26).

Acts 17:26

What if God placed you exactly where you are in order to bless others and lead them to Jesus? What if the circumstances of your life constitute the perfect soil for the fruit God intends to bear?

This has brought comfort to my weary soul this morning. Over the last few months I have been in fear about leaving my friend. Fear because I was unsure if I was ready to live on my own again, fear that he can make it on his own, fear about the kittens survival. This has been a big problem, codependent girl lives with alcoholic boy. It is in the codependents heart to try to save the world or at least what is right in front of her. Trying to hear Gods word and detach from codependency is very hard. I finally found comfort that we will all be ok separated. I have had thoughts of maybe Memphis is not where I am supposed to be located. While reading this, I realize God already has my home picked out and all of the other places were not where he wanted me to be located, maybe this current offer is not where he wants me but for the first time it feels right. It feels good. I am hoping today I will hear back from the other realtor and will have an answer, but if not I am trusting in Him.

Much love 💜

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