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While Waiting


The words flowed so smoothly coming out of his mouth. Words that I have said many times before. Words that mean “I am a little unsure”. They sounded so honest, faithful and true. A boundary, a wall, the great divide, halt, beware, slow it down, wait on me, if you can, if you will, my space is occupied, it is full with despair or is it empty with much time still to fill, the lonely air. I feel these things, all not a few, time needed for healing a heart so blue. The distance hurts more this time, answers are much harder to find. To have love for someone and have hope for something new but being a disaster, there is work left to do. The focus must change and come back to myself, no matter the outcome I am all I have left. To be on my own with a purpose of truth, not a slave to unknown or feeling abused.

Much Love 💜 Much Life

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