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You are Enough

Self talk: 365 D5

Happy Tuesday! So have you noticed what you were listening to in the last few days? Have you noticed what people say to you, their comments, their reactions, even their complements? Did they feel genuine?

Sometimes when we start the positive affirmations with ourselves they don’t always feel genuine. Sometimes it can feel like you are lying to yourself but that is not true. Sometimes we get so used to hearing the not so good about ourselves that that’s what we tell ourselves.This my friends is the lie.

We are not what other people think of us. We have to find a way to see the beauty in others, even when they are trying to drag us down. We are all wonderful beings! The truth is we have to stop believing the lies and recognizing the truth within ourselves.

You are enough, never doubt that. You’re beautiful and your light shine so bright!

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